I’m Sending “Mad Love” Out To My “Pretty Posse” - Fa Shizzle.

It’s okay, Snoop said that he doesn’t mind if people like me (the kind with no street cred) use his izzle language. He gets a kick out of it!

Anyway, my new necklace from Yankee Girl Designs arrived in the mail yesterday! It came super duper fast. I was very surprised to find it in my mailbox. Lindsey is a beautiful jeweler (meaning both she and her creations are beautiful) and she was a delight to talk to! She allowed me to “hmm” and “hah” over my silver/gold dilemma and in the end I went with the silver after all! It was perfect and she is totally brilliant. I should not ever have questioned her, not for a single second. I would super gladly buy everything she makes. It is really, really tough to pick only one piece, but I love these brand new pea pod necklaces and I thought I would show them to you! Aren’t they fresh and springy?

Another thing to share that is beautiful and simply soul ensnaring (in the most wonderful way) is this! I found this from another beauty who makes beautiful things. It takes a little getting used to but it is wonderfully fun! Clicking, dragging and mousing is where it counts though, so don’t get discouraged!!

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