Conehead And The Sad Tiny Kittens.

Well, Squiddles is doing well so far. His eye is healing nicely. It is tough for him though since he has to wear an Elizabethan collar. However he seems spry and playful.

Sam and Sophie on the other hand are overly playful. They are confined to our master bedroom and my walk-in closet. Sadly they have to be separated for 10 days and I think it is a bit hard on the siblings. They meow at each other a lot through the door and it kind of breaks your heart. Since we can not reunite them any sooner, we have found a simple resolution to their sadness, we simply turn up the t.v. till we can’t hear them any more.

I must admit it works well. The Daily Show has always been the worthy opponent of sad little kittens.

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