Burnett Down with D-Bomb.

Do you think that the very second I typed out the title of this page a super secret presidential ninja (more on ninjas tomorrow) landed by helicopter on to my roof and repelled into my living room to tap my phone?

Well, that would be a serious waste of a ninjas precious time, since I am not planning any kind of attack upon our nation but rather introducing you to my favorite rollergirls. The smokin girl in the picture above is Burnett Down #16 of the Rat City Rollergirl’s team, Derby Liberation Front. Although with her on the track as star jammer and D-Bomb #8 as blocker you should probably call a medic anyway! D-Bomb, an adorable little, curly haired blonde, did not miss a single opportunity to send her opponent rolling uncontrollably off the track and into the thrillingly unprotected audience. Brawls on wheels and quiet moments in the penalty box were soon to follow. Also to follow? My undying admiration for these two roller heroes, my sudden desire to try strapping a device of torture to my legs again, and of course a sizable increase in my ever-present distrust of ninjas.

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