At The Dawn Of Creation.

Wow! That sounds ominous and kind of lame! I admit that for me it kind of is. It may be very difficult to tell by my previous posts, but this is really supposed to be and will be a craft blog. My previous blog, which started on March 4th of 2005, had a small following (consisting of both me and my mother). It wasn’t my first blog (or my last), but it was the first blog with a purpose. It was reserved. It was for my mother to read, but it was not necessarily me. I wanted it to be a little hipper and cooler (something I wish I could also be). I wanted to share a bit more about my life and a lot more about my crafting.

The motivation behind this new domain purchase a year ago is the dream of a small home-based craft business. For health reasons, my job options are currently limited, but all I have ever wanted to be is an artist, designer and ultimately crafter. Maybe my current limitations are really a form of divine intervention.

However, as divine as this intervention may be, I am having trouble getting started. The crafter’s who inspire me incredibly, greatly, immensely, also overwhelm me. Their creations are brilliant, fabulous, amazing. They make it look so easy and to me it seems as though everything worth doing is already being done. Brilliantly. By Them.

I am trying to have more courage. I am trying to understand copyright law to ensure protection for both myself and others. I am trying to understand the required business laws. Lastly, I am trying to figure out if my voice is worth adding to Their glorious song of creation.

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