Look Who’s Commenting Now Baby.

Just trying to get these comments working. Prairie Dog with me (read as: “Bear with me” then insert some real wit here!)

Ooh! I think we might be getting there!

All right we are getting things fixed up a bit! Comments should be up and running. Try not to all post at once! Thank you for even reading this. I am in your deepest debt!

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The Post In Which I Tell You That We’ve Got Five More Years To Look Forward To.

We've got five more years to look forward to.

Mere moments ago, I made a long term decision that will greatly affect us all. Well okay, there is really nothing required on you part. I, however, had to hand over the big bucks. In an effort to save money though, I renewed vegasandvenice.com for five more years instead of one. Now I am having commitment issues. I think I will have to start looking for a younger website and perhaps I’ll buy a sports-car!

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If We’re on a Need To Know Basis, Then You Better Read This.

Here is some trivia that you should probably go ahead and write down. You never know when this stuff might come in handy, especially when you’re dealing with vegasandvenice!

1. It's bad luck to put vegasandvenice on a bed!

2. The original nineteenth-century Coca-Cola formula contained vegasandvenice.

3. It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same vegasandvenice.

4. To check whether vegasandvenice is safe to eat, drop her in a bowl of water; rotten vegasandvenice will sink, and fresh vegasandvenice will float.

5. vegasandvenice will often glow under UV light

6. In the Spanish edition of Cluedo, vegasandvenice is the victim!

7. vegasandvenice cannot swim.

8. People used to believe that dressing their children as vegasandvenice would protect them from evil spirits!

9. vegasandvenice-omancy is the art of telling the future with vegasandvenice.

10. Ninety-six percent of all candles sold are purchased by vegasandvenice!

Yeah, I know. I am INCREDIBLE! Apparently it’s all true cause that’s what this website told me! Oh sure, I don’t know who created this website or where they came from. I don’t know if they are saints or even if they have a criminal record! It doesn’t matter! They said that I was an ingredient in Coke and that is cool, so they are my very best friend and I trust them implicitly! That doesn’t seem wrong does it?

*I have absolutely no idea where this came from now. If you do, I would love to know.*

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I’m Sending “Mad Love” Out To My “Pretty Posse” - Fa Shizzle.

It’s okay, Snoop said that he doesn’t mind if people like me (the kind with no street cred) use his izzle language. He gets a kick out of it!

Anyway, my new necklace from Yankee Girl Designs arrived in the mail yesterday! It came super duper fast. I was very surprised to find it in my mailbox. Lindsey is a beautiful jeweler (meaning both she and her creations are beautiful) and she was a delight to talk to! She allowed me to “hmm” and “hah” over my silver/gold dilemma and in the end I went with the silver after all! It was perfect and she is totally brilliant. I should not ever have questioned her, not for a single second. I would super gladly buy everything she makes. It is really, really tough to pick only one piece, but I love these brand new pea pod necklaces and I thought I would show them to you! Aren’t they fresh and springy?

Another thing to share that is beautiful and simply soul ensnaring (in the most wonderful way) is this! I found this from another beauty who makes beautiful things. It takes a little getting used to but it is wonderfully fun! Clicking, dragging and mousing is where it counts though, so don’t get discouraged!!

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Yes, “Ninja Awareness Training” Was Clearly Specified In The Pre-nup.

How can my dear, sweet, vulnerable husband protect his family from the dangers of the outside world if he does not study the ways of the Ninja. Those ninjas are crafty and not in a good way (although they could probably make a quilt like no body’s business, while also fighting off six of their sworn adversaries*)!! With this in mind I requested that Si thoroughly study this. I suggest you do the same!! Oh but please remember not all ninjas are 100% bad. Some are only 99% bad and 1% good all wrapped up in one adorable ninja package. Look at this one for instance. Of course, he ripped out someone’s heart, but at least he wants to give it to you!

*Ooh and that just gave me a thought .... how super crafty would Edward Scissorhands be? I mean really, just imagine what his fabric stash would be like. I wonder what his specialty would be? Don’t forget he wasn’t limited to scissors , he also had a lot of time on his hands ... ha ha... sorry, sooo dorky!! If you need me to explain this bad, bad joke (like hubby did) please let me know, I would be more than happy to. I would not want you to miss out on your “eye rolling” exercises!!

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Burnett Down with D-Bomb.

Do you think that the very second I typed out the title of this page a super secret presidential ninja (more on ninjas tomorrow) landed by helicopter on to my roof and repelled into my living room to tap my phone?

Well, that would be a serious waste of a ninjas precious time, since I am not planning any kind of attack upon our nation but rather introducing you to my favorite rollergirls. The smokin girl in the picture above is Burnett Down #16 of the Rat City Rollergirl’s team, Derby Liberation Front. Although with her on the track as star jammer and D-Bomb #8 as blocker you should probably call a medic anyway! D-Bomb, an adorable little, curly haired blonde, did not miss a single opportunity to send her opponent rolling uncontrollably off the track and into the thrillingly unprotected audience. Brawls on wheels and quiet moments in the penalty box were soon to follow. Also to follow? My undying admiration for these two roller heroes, my sudden desire to try strapping a device of torture to my legs again, and of course a sizable increase in my ever-present distrust of ninjas.

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Let's Get This Panty Started.

Yep panty! That’s what I said and I meant it! No. I am not asking for collaborators in some strange sewing or knitting project, but instead allowing a running joke to run itself right into the ground.

Here is the short abbreviated version of the story: Dear friend of mine goes to Iraq. He communicates mostly through email and his letters always include a signature that reminded the receiver to report back the color of her panties for a “survey”. Why was this his signature? I can not fathom a guess, but I did not want to compromise his “survey” and thus I felt it necessary to report a panty color each and every time we corresponded. That soon became tiresome. I mean really, each time I had to glance down and look at my panties simply to decide if they were still “white” or had they finally become a well worn shade of “beige.” Then I wondered, should I mention the holes and fraying elastic? I didn’t think so.

With this, I felt a pressing desire to create the “Random Panty Color Generator”. It worked very well, providing us with such delights as “Raspberry Beret,” “Mellow Yellow,” and “Back Porch”. However, it quickly went on hiatus after it’s disappointing appearance on “Girls Gone Wild”. Not to mention, my friend came home.

Her virginal younger sister, the “Random Fiber Color Generator,” was born last year on my previous blog. Her legacy brought many wonders, including the colors: “Monkey Business,” “Snazzy Biscuit,” and “Lickety Split Yellow.” Now, she has gone off to school, where her virginal status will remain in question.

Trust me, I don’t think that either of these generators made the world any brighter. They did not cure any diseases, or feed the homeless. Heck, they didn’t even do my dishes. They did entertain me though (only me) and because I am feeling somewhat narcissistic today, I have decided to let my panties have their day in the sun. The Random Panty Color Generator returns. She may not be able to tell you which panty color you are wearing, but she’ll let you know which panty color you should be wearing! So lets get this kitten purring and see what she has to say!

*Panties shown above are from urbanoutfitters.com*

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One Is Silver And The Other Is Gold.

I ordered one the second I saw it. After falling in absolute love with this post (containing a picture of a similar necklace) on Posie Gets Cozy, I rushed over to Lindsey’s site and bought the first one I saw. My heart fell on the floor (which was very messy) and I used all my “goodie” money right then and there, no regrets. Except one small and weird one. This necklace is perfect in every way shape and form. I prefer to wear silver. However, somehow I fell in love with the gold color of the necklace in Posies picture. I asked Lindsey if she was planning to make any more in gold and she told me a secret. The necklace that Alicia received was also silver, it was simply a difference of the photograph’s lighting. Here is where my dilemma begins. She said she could make it in the gold I desired.

Speaking of precious things... this is part of a comment from that I received from Janet to my “At the Dawn of Creation” post and I wanted to share it with everyone:

“I'm a new blogger, and I know exactly how you feel about the creative community. I always thought I had good ideas until I got involved with blogs! Then I started seeing everyone else's work and thought mine was not up to par. Only recently have I decided to just do what I like and stop worrying whether it's as good as, or on the same level with, or....you get the picture. Afterall, isn't creating an expression of one's self....so to put limitations or restrictions on my creativity is like putting them on who I am. I know that a lot of my things aren't what other people like but as long as I like creating them that's what matters to me. “

This endearing and insightful comment made me realize, that having other people like your work is great, but loving your own work ... well baby, that’s gold!!

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At The Dawn Of Creation.

Wow! That sounds ominous and kind of lame! I admit that for me it kind of is. It may be very difficult to tell by my previous posts, but this is really supposed to be and will be a craft blog. My previous blog, which started on March 4th of 2005, had a small following (consisting of both me and my mother). It wasn’t my first blog (or my last), but it was the first blog with a purpose. It was reserved. It was for my mother to read, but it was not necessarily me. I wanted it to be a little hipper and cooler (something I wish I could also be). I wanted to share a bit more about my life and a lot more about my crafting.

The motivation behind this new domain purchase a year ago is the dream of a small home-based craft business. For health reasons, my job options are currently limited, but all I have ever wanted to be is an artist, designer and ultimately crafter. Maybe my current limitations are really a form of divine intervention.

However, as divine as this intervention may be, I am having trouble getting started. The crafter’s who inspire me incredibly, greatly, immensely, also overwhelm me. Their creations are brilliant, fabulous, amazing. They make it look so easy and to me it seems as though everything worth doing is already being done. Brilliantly. By Them.

I am trying to have more courage. I am trying to understand copyright law to ensure protection for both myself and others. I am trying to understand the required business laws. Lastly, I am trying to figure out if my voice is worth adding to Their glorious song of creation.

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We’ve Lost Contact.

Well, we had an extremely quick winner for the silly “comment about the tree” competition (who has been notified) and a little prize will be sent out shortly. Yippee! More information on this in the coming weeks I hope. I am hoping for a more official unveiling of my latest addiction (read: craft obsession) soon!

In other news, I guess that my contacts liked living in my eye even less than I liked having them there, because they both attempted suicide today. The right lens, however, succeeded in it’s morbid quest, after it jumped out of my eye and landed goodness knows where. I remained completely unaware until I tried to remove it several times tonight without success. The only thing that made me even begin to suspect this tragedy, was that my right eye felt far more comfortable than my left throughout the evening. Later, my left eye became extremely uncomfortable however, in what I can only assume was heartbreak due to the loss of it’s mate.

P.S. I know that the title of this post is another bad attempt at wit. The subject of this post is completely apparent to you smart little cookies. I apologize. It is obvious that I need to take baby steps (probably at least twelve of them). Besides, I had better remember to tread lightly, one of my contacts might be on the ground.

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Late Late Late Night With Conan O’Brien.

It is 4:45 am. We set the alarm clock to wake us at 4, so that we could watch the repeat showing of Conan’s trip to Finland. I accidentally erased it before Si could watch it. We tried to record it, but for some strange reason the d.v.r. won’t allow us to tape this show, and only this show, this show that airs at 4 am and only 4 am.

Oh well, this episode is worth it. You can even see clips for a limited time here (highlights/video moments) and the best part is that you don’t have to set your alarm clock to go off at 4 am. You can if you want to. I mean if you really want the “vegasandvenice” “Conan in Finland Experience”, well then you probably should set your clock. Go ahead I will wait here.

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Act Now And You Could Receive A Tiny Prize As Your Free Gift.

Another quick note. I wanted to take a picture of my new book, but the weather was pretty bleak for the day. I did not post because I did not think that I had any photos to show you. However, I completely forgot this picture which I took early this morning before it got to dark.

Can you guess what kind of tree it is? I will send a little prize to the first person to guess by commenting. Correct or not. I am sure that I don’t get a lot of readers. So if anyone actually responds after reading this whole post, well they deserve a little prize. Well actually, they deserve a big prize but that could get expensive. So a little prize it is for now.

*Contest ended rather quickly with an e-mail comment. Thanks!*

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I’ve Made Contact.

That’s just not right. Before I begin this post, please allow me to apologize. Profusely.

I don’t know why I try to think of witty titles. I do know that it is very important that I stop. I mean really, a picture of an eye and a title containing the word “contact”. I know that you are an intelligent reader and that you can obviously put these two extremely cryptic clues together to ascertain the subject of this post. I also know that being a kind-hearted reader you probably tried your very best not to roll your eyes, but with todays title alone you find the temptation far to great to resist and I completely understand. I promise I will work on it.

Another thing I am trying to work on is making the best of my eyesight. I adore glasses with all my heart and each year I get a new pair (thank goodness for insurance). I just don’t wear them. At all. What-so-ever. Uh uh. Not more than once. I get a little bit claustrophobic having the frames on my face. They always end up as very unfashionable hair accessories.

Anyhow, on to a new step today as I got my first trial pair of contacts. I have an astigmatism so my contacts are a little less fun than ninety percent of the other lens brands out there. I was hoping to get green colored lenses someday. I am not sure they make them in this brand, but at least now I know for sure that they would indeed be very complementary to my extremely fashionable, now delightfully sore, bloodshot red eyes.

*The original photos will be restored to this post as soon as possible*

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Conehead And The Sad Tiny Kittens.

Well, Squiddles is doing well so far. His eye is healing nicely. It is tough for him though since he has to wear an Elizabethan collar. However he seems spry and playful.

Sam and Sophie on the other hand are overly playful. They are confined to our master bedroom and my walk-in closet. Sadly they have to be separated for 10 days and I think it is a bit hard on the siblings. They meow at each other a lot through the door and it kind of breaks your heart. Since we can not reunite them any sooner, we have found a simple resolution to their sadness, we simply turn up the t.v. till we can’t hear them any more.

I must admit it works well. The Daily Show has always been the worthy opponent of sad little kittens.

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We are keeping ourselves busy today by re-organizing the entire house. It may not sound like a lot of fun but it did it’s job properly.

Tomorrow, at 7 am, we drop off Squiddly, Sam and Sophie for their operations. Squiddly is having his left eye amputated, Sam is being neutered and Sophie spayed. Is it needless to say that we are more than a little worried about them all?

Sorry, no pictures today. I don’t have anything that could convey how we are feeling.

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Eye Love Him.

Tough day. We found out that our cat Squiddles needs to have his right eye amputated due to Glaucoma. It has been a very busy crazy week, but this makes it quite a bit tougher. I don’t want anything to happen to him, but apparently it is causing him a lot of pain. We don’t know what caused it yet, but we are praying that it is not life threatening.

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Little Plastic Thrones.

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant tonight. It was pleasant and the food was fabulous, but I wouldn’t say that it was peaceful or quiet. Sports playing preschoolers had gathered from miles around to celebrate something magnificent that I surely could not comprehend. I am sure they won something or broke some record (like the youngest group to ever break the sound barrier or my eardrums). Their doting parental chaperones were very proud and subservient. We all know who was really calling all the shots in there and they couldn’t even reach their plates without “booster seats” (or “little plastic thrones” as I am wont to call them).

Anyway, after dinner tonight, I noticed something even more surprising than a large assembly of children making plans to conquer the world. Something miraculous. Something to celebrate indeed. I ate my entire dinner, sauce and all without (I repeat, without) spilling anything down the front of my shirt. Okay this may not seem that impressive to some of you, but I have a magnetic shelf on the front of my body that attracts every speck of stain inducing food within a fifty foot radius.

I also understand that this may not seem very profound, but I promise I am getting there. When I stood up, and proclaimed to the world “Hey look I ate my entire meal without spilling anything on myself,” the entire room of miniature dictators broke out into applause and simultaneous cries of glee. And that is when I thought to myself that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they achieved global domination after all. Clearly they understand priorities.

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