The Wrong Bird.

It is true. I do believe that politely displaying your middle finger is indeed not vulgar, but also a non-violent way of saying to a fellow driver that their particular driving style is not worth crap. I do however, also think that it is important to first receive the permission of the driver behind the wheel of the car I am riding in. After all, the responsibility of my non-violent, passive aggressive “craptastic driver” awareness system may fall upon the shoulders of my vehicle operator.

The funny thing is, that even though I can “flip the bird” with conviction, I always have to double check that I did or did not indeed flip the correct bird. So, please be aware, that if you put me or my family’s life in danger while you are on the road and I proudly display my pinky finger or even my thumb in your direction, that I am not impressed with you and in my own non-violent, passive aggressive way, you have been warned!

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