Yesterday, our morning started with the first step to recovery. We admitted we had a problem. A serious problem. We would trade the dog for a good book. If it is a reference book we will build you a dog house with our hands tied behind our backs. But that was the past. We had a new day ahead of us. A new start. We vowed to stop getting carried away with our book buying.

Later that day, we ran into our dealer/pimp in the most unexpected place. Yes, somehow she had snuck into Borders book store. She talked us into a small snort with a cheaply priced book about Leonardo Da Vinci. We were weak. Very weak. We wanted one last fix. We were ready to get Charlie’s leash and hand him over to her immediately. There was just one glitch. This particular book did not appeal to me as much as a book that contained all sorts of artistic wonders. We made a deal Da Vinci would be Si’s and The Little Big Art Book would be mine. We started on our way out and then our dealer mentioned that she had something very special for me indeed. She pointed to a tasty little book titled First Home with Style. I was a goner, I was already starting to experience withdrawal symptoms. I had to have it.

Si said we should grab it and then we should run. Run far, far away from the book store and never look back. Not to worry though. Today is a new day. We can stop buying books anytime we like. It’s not a habit, it’s just a bit of fun.

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