Don’t Rub His Nose In It.

After politely asking Charlie, our dog, to finally pull some of his weight around here and take out the trash, he responded by spinning around in circles and making a horrible growling Chubaka sound that brought Star Wars Nerds* from miles around to our front door.

As we are wont to do we translated his reply “I CAAAAAN’T take out the trash ...I don’t have any hands” said I. “I don’t have opposable thumbs” said Si. As a signal that he was released from his trash duties, due to his current circumstances, I gave the international (and Interspeecial) signal that it was time to play. In a typically effective manner I made some high pitched sounds and waved my “I’m gonna get you” grabby hands in his general direction. Normally this marks a dedicated time which requires Charlie to run around the house like a crazy maniac, or a bus that will explode if it travels under 80 miles per hour. When he stood there with a strange look on his face and did not move an inch, I gave Si a confused look. To which he yelled in a defensive and protective tone “Oh sure rub his nose in it.”

I giggled hysterically. Really, this is one of the funniest things Si has ever said. Get it? See, I was waving my hands and fingers at Charlie, and now he was clearly upset cause he did not have any of those fabulous things called “hands or fingers”.

Not so funny typed out? Well fine, but thats why I write this blog and not you. Although, considering the quality of this site maybe you should start. Please. Pretty Please.

*I love Nerds of all shapes, sizes and sects*

*All of your sweet comments were saved to Haloscan at the time of original post*

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